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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

The International Rally of New Zealand (WRC NZ) would have been all go this week with organisers, officials and volunteers scrambling to make sure everything was perfect.

Being massive rally fans, the 2020 International Rally of New Zealand was an event we were really looking forward to, an event where international factory teams would have been mixing it with the best NZ talent on some fantastic roads.

New Zealand are not alone, many other WRC events around the world have been cancelled also as the year moves on, all we can do is look forward to a bright future for the sport in 2021 and hope to see some action later this year in Europe… It may be the first time in many years where a championship will be decided on a hand full of events without all teams competing at each event.

Anyway, we are a clothing and branding business so we will take this opportunity to show what we did manage to do for the organizers this year.

A high quality cotton business shirt with embroidered logos has always been the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) or the sports governing body's choice of attire for event management and officials.

We were really happy with how these turned out, timeless, clean and simple.

If you're like us and still want a local rally fix in 2020, Rally NZ have a couple of events planned for later this year.

More information here: Rally NZ 2020

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