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Leadfoot's Unite

What a fantastic weekend had in Hahei at Lead Foot Festival.

We ended up heading down a night early to drop Hayden Paddon’s 2020 merchandise off giving us a jump start of the festivals many attractions.

Hayden put in an awesome effort coming runner up on what was fundamentally a demonstration event for him and the team to show off the new PRS 'pocket rocket' Crosskart.

When you consider he was running offroad tyres and up against other legendary drivers in cars costing as much as 100x more, this is very impressive.

Check out this in-car footage on his Face Book Page for an idea of what these little carts can do in full send mode.

Hayden is set to have one of his biggest years yet with three championships to contest, on top of Rally NZ and the inaugural Ben Nevis Golden 1200 next month… and this is all on top of him and his team engineering the ground breaking 100% EV rally car in conjunction with Hyundai.


We are super proud of how PRG’s new range is shaping up and it will all be available very soon on the above website.

With so many exciting events coming up in 2020 expect to see some great additions over the course of the year, like these retro look custom beanies that will be here in time for some winter spectating, these will sell out fast!

At ProLook we are proud to say we are a New Zealand based business, when you shop with us you are supporting New Zealander’s who support New Zealanders.

With over 25 years of industry experience and a family history in the textile industry dating back to the early 1970’s, there is not a lot we haven’t seen or learnt meaning we are able to produce any garment or promotional product imaginable.

If you are looking for a new look in 2020 leave it up to the Pro’s

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