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Soft Shells for Hard Chargers (and the family)

Wayne and Callum at ProTune Motorsports have been thrashing around New Zealand’s rally stages for a few years now, often showing guys in much more expensive and faster cars how its done.

This year, they decided to enter their Black Toyota Starlet in the national championship (NZRC) and have had a good run of it. Wayne is getting faster and faster per round, but how he manages to go faster and more sideways at the same time defies the laws of gravity. This is perhaps something Callum, director and test pilot at Twenty24 Air Craft Restoration, is no doubt accustom to!

Assumptions that it is Wayne’s “flat out” approach to rally that has him at the pointy end of most rally’s are likely correct, but you can't discount that after many years of tuning and modifying some of New Zealand's most powerful cars at ProTune. Perhaps it's Waynes attention to detail and meticulous planning that has him finishing at the top of his class. We will never know.

We wish them luck at this weekends round of the championship, the Dayle ITM Gold Rush Rally of the Coromandel.

Lets hope these stylish new jackets keep everyone warm, you should have whole team covered!

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