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Thank you and your customers!

November is upon us, it has been what feels like the longest year in modern history!

Like you, we have been motivated this last 6 months, chipping away and just getting the work done whilst building a network of valued customers.

We have learned the virtue of buying from New Zealand owned business and sourcing NZ made products where possible.

As we approach the last 7 working weeks of 2020 we would like to take the time to remind you that we offer a massive range of promotional products that your staff and customers will love to receive.

With small options for less than $1 with a quick turn around ideal for promotion and keep your brand/business in the forefront of your customers minds up to more premium options for the buyers who have really looked after you this year.

Feel free to send us your idea’s or even just ask what we think would be good for your brand, we have literally thousands of options.

Available for mid December delivery.

Team at Prolook NZ

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